The History of the Mission Congregation Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS)


A look into the historical setting of our foundation is helpful to understand and to capture better the foundational inspiration and vision. We will understand better the workings of the Holy Spirit in our Congregation.

arnold jannsen

  • Arnold Janssen (1837 – 1909), Maria Helena Stollenwerk (1852 – 1900), Josepha HendrinaStenmans (1852 – 1903) grew up in a time of rapid political, economical, socio-cultural and religious changes in Germany. They were persons of the times, who lived and experienced their reality.
  • Arnold Janssen saw the importance of RELIGIOUS WOMEN at the service of primary evangelization in foreign countries. The missionary spirit coupled with selfless dedication of the first women especially, Helena Stollenwerk and HendrinaStenmans, our Co-Founders, was for Arnold Janssen a clear sign of God’s Will for the foundation of the Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit.

helena stolenwerk

  • The Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit was officially established, the second of Arnold Janssen’s foundation, on December 8, 1889..
  • It is an international congregation working in all continents of the world and in 44 countries.

History: Philippines - Rosary Province

  • Arnold Janssen’s last new mission outside Europe was the Philippines. An urgent appeal from the Philippines was received by Fr. Janssen.It was from Bishop Dougherty of Vigan asking for missionary priests. There was a scarcity of priests and Aglipayanism threatened to spread throughout the northern island of Luzon. The first missionaries arrived in 1909. The Sisters followed on January, 1912.
  • The first mission school was established in Tayum, Abra.

The Trinity Province, PhS

  • 1978 – after the General Chapter wherein Sr. Lucy Agnes presented in her report the difficulties in reaching out and communicating with the Sisters in Mindanao, discussions and consultations were done in the Rosary Province regarding the possibility of dividing the Province, separating Luzon from Visayas and Mindanao
  • 1983 – 1st community in Cebu City with Sr. Irmella Carlos (one of the Councillors) as Superior
  • 1986 –the Southern Phil. was officially recognized as a Region under the Rosary Province with Sr. Idmara as Regional Superior in Cebu City. It is the diamond jubilee gift of the Rosary Province.
  • January 15, 1992 – the Trinity Region was officially raised into a Province with Sr. Amelia Trabajo as Provincial Superior

Sister Clarette-Rosario Foundation, Inc.

The SSpS is celebrating its 100 years of Missionary Presence in the Philippines in 2012. In line with this big event, the Sisters felt called to embark on a three year capital campaign, a 100 for 100 years, to hopefully sustain their mission-work for the next hundred years.

The Sister Clarette-Rosario Foundation, Inc. was then established as an arm for this campaign. This foundation is in joyful memory of the Sisters of the Trinity Province who lived life to the full -- Sisters Clarette Ramirez,Milvida Estrada, Fe Monungolh, Socorro Ocon and Rosario Mercado. The foundation was approved by Securities

and Exchange Commission on June 10, 2010